I tried Greek McDonald’s this week.  It was great.

I decided to go all in during this exciting experience of eating the most stereotypically American food in the context of a different society, so I ordered all of my go-tos and thoroughly enjoyed almost every one of them.

A Snapchat I took of my food at McDonald’s, complete with emojis and geotags.


  • Double cheeseburger – standard. Tastes just like it does at my home McDonald’s, with the same grease content that leaks partially onto the paper covering. A+ work.
  • French fries – also standard, but I was exceptionally happy that they were back to normal levels of grease and salt. Many french fries – or “fried potatoes” as they are called – in Greece just don’t make the cut.
  • Ketchup – the very first ketchup in Greece that I have found that tastes normal. Greek ketchup is sweet in a way that American ketchup is not, and I truly missed the familiar taste. Note to self: this is a must-pack for future international endeavors.
  • Ranch dressing – nonexistent. Also a must-pack for my next journey.
  • Milkshake – a little bit disappointing. The chocolate milkshake wasn’t much more than a glob of vanilla ice cream shoveled into a cup and melted a little, with spots of chocolate stirred in. But I shouldn’t have expected much more, considering McDonald’s milkshakes aren’t even very good at home.
  • Chicken McNuggets – by far the best Chicken McNuggets I have ever had. These were crispier than usual and the meat tasted fresher. I savored my bites while wondering if Greek McNuggets and American McNuggets come from the same place, and if not I was trying to determine a way to import large quantities of Greek McNuggets to my local McDonald’s. Outstanding work, Athens.

Overall, I have high reviews for this centrally located McDonald’s. I would (and probably will) visit again. Because, as a wise clown once said, “I’m lovin it.”