I have been collecting scraps of my adventures and pinning them up on the corkboard above my bed. These remind me of the fun times I’ve had so far, and excite me to go out and do more. 

Here’s what I put up so far:

  • The plane ticket from Boston to Frankfurt, Germany, where we had a layover. It was my first time in Europe and I was excited to be in Germany, the place of my ancestors.
  • A postcard from the Frankfurt airport.
  • Polaroids from the beach, blogging with friends on one of the first nights and a few of my favorite people dressed up before going out for my birthday.
  • The birthday card that Carlene (our professor) slid under my door early in the morning.
  • Tickets from riding the bus to Downtown the day we hiked up to the Old City/Upper City.


I cannot wait to have more adventures to add to the board and further personalize my temporary home.